Any ideas....

i'm starting to decorate jd's nusery and other than argos and ikea i don't know of any cheap kiddies shops that sell furniture, bedding, wall art etc etc, thats if there are any! Can anyone give me any ideas of where to look please


  • we got isaac some stickers for his room which are removable (which we doubted was true but when we tried it they really did come off very easily!), we got them from toys r us, they were about £7 for about 40 'i love my bear' stickers, not that hes ever slept in his room to appriciate them though!!!!
  • Ok thanks, seen some lovely things in that arty shop but soooooooo expensive
  • Hi, thanks but we went to ikea today and found a jungle theme we're going to use. Sorry you went to trouble to find them out x
  • I'd forgotten how fab it was, spent ages just looking at all the childrens things, tho as i said on another post i only bought a grater and some dishes for jack... last of the big spenders me
  • oooh mel, I would be fuming if Terry did that (he wouldn't his idea of hell!!!) I haven't been in ages. kids are a nightmare to shop with, and I don't drive to go by myself!!
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