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Hiya, how r u? Just wondered how things were going with u? How far along are you now?.... Sorry for the noesyness, hope you are well xxx


  • Hi ya CeilidhA,
    Im fine thank you hun im doin well havent really thought about it all that much i think the first few months will be a walk in the park,i think i will start to find things hard when i reach about 19wks as this is when it all started to go wrong with Daisy (my waters started leaking) i also think it will be hard when the baby starts to move, my mind will prob be every where!!!!!!
    Im 8wks and 2days still early days but sooo excited to!!!!! just hope things work out this time i dont no if i could deal with it all again!!!!! I got midwife next tuesday and consultant on the 16th of june so i will let you no more when i do!!!!!!
    I hope you have both been feeling ok im always thinking of you!!!!! Have you thought any more about ttc again yet?
  • Hi hun....hope you have been ok...have been thinking of you!!!!!!
    im all booked in for my scan its on the 15th of june im so scared even more so because i had a slight bleed on bank holiday monday...i saw midwife the next day and she said its really common and not worry,all the bleeding stopped within a hour it was so minor, but im still a little worried!!!!!
    Any how i hope your well kat xxx
  • Hay I'm glad everthing is good with you. I'm sure as your midwife says the teeny tiny bleed was nothing to worry about although I can imagine the phrase 'don't worry' goes in one ear and out the other!!!

    You must be soo excited for your scan, let me know how it go's. How many weeks will u be? Have u had any early scans? How have u been feeling in general?..... Sickness etc?

    Ye I am doing okay, we started ttc this month, I actually got it in to my head we had done It this month(as you do!) then periods turned up 5 days early! ;-( boo.... I was a little dissapointed but trying not to become to obsesive! (trying) LOL I have decided to go to college in September to do childcare, so looking forward to that( I am assured I will be able to fit it around being pregnant) somehow ;-s. Will be something to keep my mind occupied I guess and won't be as 'physically' demanding as going back to work! R u back at work?

    Takecare and goodluck with your scan, i am sureeverything will be just fine!.... I'm off to bed- just realised it's 1am!!!!! :-0 xxx
  • Hi im really pleased you started ttc i really do wish you all the best hunni....i had a month like that when my af turnt up 5 days early then the next month i feel pregnant i couldnt believe it!!!!i no its hard but just try to relax and not to really think about it other wise you just feel so let down at the end of the month!!!! im pleased your going college it will keep you busy and keep your mind off everything...good luck with it not back to work i was thinking about it but it will be to much with trying to get some one to look after my little boy, also i wouldnt want any one else taking or picking him up from school thats my job lol!!
    any way my scan went well baby was fine and everything was in the right place for 12wks so thats all good...i was so scared it was just crazy, but when i got to the hospital i was seen straight away so no waiting which was brill!!!! it was the first scan ive had i didnt have one after the bleed as midwife said it was fine and not to i was extra nervous because of the bleed!!! i been feeling ok havent actually been sick just feel sick and keep gagging...i was the same with Daisy!!!
    i also saw my consultant on tuesday and im getting appointments every 2wks from 16wks all my scans are booked got a full medical scan at 20wks then one at 28wks, 32wks and 36wks then get induced at 38wks which brings it forward to the 15th of so pleased about that i was dreading carrying through x mas and now my little princess Daisy will def have her own special day!!!!!
    Anyway im going on now i always get carried away lol
    kat xx
    12wks 3 days
  • Hi Kat, just 'caught' up on the post. I am sook glad that everything is good and well with the new baby! And glad you are being well looked after.... It's good that baby will be here before what would have been Daisys first birthday, that is a worry of mine, being pregnant on what would have been Darceys birthday and her due date etc. I am just going to have to put up with it now as still no bfp! Boo

    Keep in touch, i am thinking of you and sending positive vibes to you and baby xxxx
  • hi....sorry its been a while i have been away on holiday for the past 2 weeks....hope you are both doin well....any sign of a bfp yet? cant wait now im starting to get really excited i got midwife next week......i will hear babys heartbeat for the first time cant still nervous though, but hey ho we all have to keep positive and im feeling it at the mo...had a few ups and downs but that was to be expected....always thinking of you hunni...take care kat xx xx
  • hi kat, oh on holiday! Sounds good, go anywhere exciting?... hope you guys a great time-you deserve it! So glad everything is going well with baby no.3, wont be long till you can find out sex, do you think you will?

    As for us, we are doing ok... no bfp yet which is bringing me down but this will be our third month so hopefully third time 'lucky' !! Im due to ovulate early next week, we are moving house next week so will be busy bees! The unpacking will just have to wait! LOL lol

    Let us no how you get on image XX
  • Hello hunni, just wanted to let u no that I am always thinking of u and hope that things are going well with 'bump'. Sending Daisy lots of kisses, I'm sure her and Darcey are causing trouble up there! image x
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