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feeding on the go

can anybody help?///////
want to express and feed on the go. what do i do and what do i need? do i take the bottle in a cooler and heat it up when i need? how long does breastmilk last in the handbag?is it vital to have a cooler?


  • Hello,
    I've done a bit of expressing for when we're out and about where I don't want to bf.
    You cn store the milk for 24 hours in the fridge when we're out i take a small cool bag with frezzer bloc thing to keep cold.
    If you freeze your milk it can stay in freezer for over a month i think and once you take it out you've got 24hours.
    We bought a bottle warmer for when on the go its made by polar gear n we got it from tesco. You can only ue it once when you're out then you've gotta boil it in water then you can use it again ( very kool ).
    I don't know how long you've got to use the milk once it's been heated.
    I've been caught out thinking lo is hungry but actually tired and falls asleep leaving me with warm milk i don't need (never mind i'm learning!)
    Hope that helps, Good Luck
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