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Breastfeeding and weight gain question

Hi ladies,

My bubba George is now 22 days old. He was born 3wks early (apparently) via emergency c-section under general, and only weighed 4lb 10oz. He had trouble regulating his temp and keeping a stable blood sugar level, he also dropped to 4lb 7oz we were kept in a wk. After an appaling experience in the hospital and a few days in SCBU he was finally discharged.
When we got home he got an awful cold within a few days and has gone off the milk and has brought his feeds up a few times ... well who fancies having milky drinks when they have a cold and babies are laying on their backs alot and have all the mucus running down their throat so it doesn't come as a big surprise that it is making george feel sick. ANYHOW... He was on 30mls of milk in hosp every 3hrs and we put it up to 40mls per 3hrs after a wk of being home (so he was 2wks old) he went up to 4lb 13oz and then dropped 1oz and the HV is now saying that she wants him to have 60mls every 3hrs... IT IS A BLOODY NIGHTMARE...trying to get him to consume 60mls throughout a 3 hour gap let alone in one go. He is also turning his nose up at feeds and last night I was awake from 2.30am until 7.30am trying to get him to have a feed and every time I put him down he cried, I think he was cold but the room temp was showing as fine. I have tried giving baby Infacol told before feeds as he doesn't really burp even with winding although he trumps loudly often accompanied by pooping. I hired one of those double expressors from a MW at the hosp so I could see exactly what George is having... my god my breasts feel so sore.

I have a 7yr old who was 9lb 3oz and who had bad colic when born ..,Infacol was a god send but I need some info after having a premmie.

How can the HV expect a premmie to consume what a full-term newborn has? Anyone experienced the same type of thing, if so how did you deal with it? I think George has a dislike to formula, have tried him on SMA and Aptalmil but still doesn't seem to like them anyone else found that their babies refuse formula.

I have had so many conflicting opinions from medical professionals but nothing it seems actually based on facts for premmies. I would really appreciate any feedback, experiences you have to share as mothers of premmies and whether you can recommend any good websites or organisations who are more in the know.



  • Poor george, I hope he feels better soon. Kenny didn't sleep well at that age either. He was breast fed but I switched to sma at 9 weeks. I was shattered and he was hungry. Bliss premature baby charity has a good website. The publications section is helpful.

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  • Hey Smoochiegal

    My LO was born at 33 wks and came home after nearly 4 wks in SCBU.

    I used to keep a log of all her feeds as she used to feed all over the place and it was the only way I could remember when to feed her next!

    Looking back at the log, started it at 37 wks uncorrected age, she used to average about 60 mls every 3-4 hours, with a bigger bedtime bottle of about 75-90mls. This was EBM. She did however suffer with reflux so sometimes getting even 30mls down her would be a struggle, and 60mls usually took anything up to 45 minutes, sometimes 2 hours!!

    When she did go on to formula it was Nutriprem2, to help weight gain in prem babies. After time however we realised that this was upsetting her and changed over to Aptamil1 formula (after trying many others!). The main reason she would refuse feeds turned out to be becuase of her reflux problems rather than anything else, so once this was under control she did feed much more regularly and easily.

    Do you think there is any chance George may have reflux? Symtoms can include back arching, refusing feeds, crying when laid flat, being sick, and it can be mistaken for colic. I thought that my DD had bad colic to start with too.

    Hope this may have helped.

    Fortunately I had a fantastic SCBU officer who oversaw Skye for 3 months after discharge to turn to for advice, so it's sad to hear that other mothers don't necessarily have the same support at what can be a very tough time.

    Iz & Skye x
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