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bottles and bfeeding in the begining?

hi all

my lo was born at 31+6 and is in special care, he is now 7 weeks and we have been doing really well with the bfeeding, hes feeding off me and when im not there having cup feeds.

nehow im sick and not allowed to visit and they want to give him a bottle but im not convinced that he will go back to bfeeding when he is still not latching on properly so far i have refused bottles but what do you think??



  • Glad to hear you lo is doing well, my baby girl was in hospital at 2 days old for jaundice and took well to cupfeeds.
    At three weeks old I gave her a bottle and have had no problems continuing bf'ing, I'm sure it's down to the fact that she got used to the cup in hospital.
    My HV said it was the ideal time to introduce a bottle so I'm not sure if thats real age or corrected (my LO was born at 38 weeks so not prem)

    I'm sure the hospital wouldn't advise it if they thought it would interfere but if you feel better you can insist that they continue to cup feed.

    Hope you feel better and can be back with your little boy soon

  • hin its totally up to u, but personally if ur still having latching problems it may not be wise to give him bottles if u want to continue breastfeeding once ur better. do they have a breastfeeding peer there that u can talk to and cld liase between u and the staff to come up with a solution. why are they so eager to give him a bottle? is he not taking enough from the cup? having said that, if it is a bottle such as the tomme tippee closer to natuure, u may find it helps his latch, but obviously no guarantee and he cld then get used to the silcone teat and refuse a nipple, but then again the cup isn't teaching him to suck or latch at all. sry i haven't been much help have i? xx
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