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Stopping breast feeding (also in baby)

I am exclusively breastfeeding at the moment although Alfie has had the occassional bottle of expressed milk and sucks well from a bottle aswell. I am considering stopping breastfeeding in a few weeks but have read that it needs to be done gradually by cutting out a feed at a time. I am in no rush to stop altogether so i don't mind if it takes a couple of months by cutting out feeds gradually.

Does anyone have any advise about stopping and what to do in between feeds when my breasts are really full? Any advise would be appreciated.

Charlene and Alfie


  • If you're in no rush then perhaps try giving up one bf every couple of weeks. I did it at this rate and had no problems whatsoever with breasts getting too full.

    I gave up the feeds during the day first, as I think she took less at these feeds, then I gave up the bed time feed next, then finally the morning one.

    A friend of mine really suffered when giving up the morning one as she had a lot of milk for the morning feed, so she suggested going down to half a feed for a week, supplemented by a bottle, and then cutting it out altogether. I didn't do this but it may be a good idea if you do produce a lot of milk and think it might be a problem.

    If your breasts do get too full in between feeds then I would suggest expressing a little just to relieve it a bit.
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