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Expressing (Swine Flu)

Hope someone can help me.

My 11 week old has gone to stay with my mum as I have Swine Flu. Luckily she takes formula as well as breastmilk but I can't see her or bf her until my tablets finish on Saturday.

How often should I be expressing to keep my supply going? I feed on demand so not sure how often she feeds and I know that pumps are nowhere near as effective as a baby



  • I don't know for sure but I would say at least 3 hourly during the day to be sure you keep your supply up. Easier said than done when you're ill and exhausted I'm sure. Really hope you feel a bit better soon, and roll on Sunday... xxx
  • I agree three hourly and how often were you going at night ? I'd say once at night if you were feeding in night as you do need to sleep so you recover but need to keep supply up.
    It must be hard to do it when yr ill as I hate expressing at best of times. I really hope you feel better soon xxx
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