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Night time awake time - getting baby back to sleep how long?

Hi Ladies,

Not been on here at all much recently, but I have a question and wondered if you could help. My LO is 2 weeks old and I'm breastfeeding her on demand. She is very alert for a 2 week old and has LOTS of wakey time, which is fine during the day but she seems to have the same during the night. Is this normal? Sometimes I'm up for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night. So she'll get up, have a feed, then be awake until time for the next feed. It's wrecking me and hubby goes back to work tomorrow!!

Is this normal? Am I expecting too much for her to go back to sleep so quickly??

Thanks so much for your help.

Worried and tired MummyEvans x


  • Hey mummyevans, i have been co sleeping - so when lo wakes at 4am for feed, i lay down b/feed and after a quick burp she seems to drift off.

    Its hard work though isnt it. My hubb ygoes back to work tomorrow aswell snd i have been rather teary just thinking about it. xxx
  • Oh ladies, I don't envy you (well maybe I do a bit...!)

    My lo is now 6mths so I have been there and I promise you it does get easier, but it's such hard work at the time.

    I, like MrsKittyboo co-slept for much of Oliver's early weeks, I also spend an awful lot of time downstairs after Hubby went back to work so-as not to disturb him too much.

    I don't have any ideas really except just go with the flow and rest when baby does sleep in the day.
  • hi mummy evans-
    are you making sure that feeding in the night is different to in the day? sounds a bit daft, but you need to teach lo that its night time. i made sure i fed with only a little night light on, kept lo swaddled, didnt speak to her at all and didnt change nappy unless it was a poo.
    this way, they get used to going straight back to sleep. if lo wont settle on you it may be cos they can smell your milk, giving them to hubby to settle is a good idea (so what if he's got work?!)
    also co sleeping is a great way to get some kip. lie down and feed, i'm pretty sure you wont roll on lo, we're programmed not to!
    hth xxx
  • thanks so much for the replies. Last night I tried really hard to keep things as quiet as possible etc and that seemed to work. So fingers crossed for tonight. But I know how much things can change throughout each day...haha!! I think I need routine more than she does!!
    Thank you...I'm sure I'll be back with more questions!!
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