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Ok now what do I do?!

Hubby gave Faye her feed at 8 before bed which was 4.5 oz of ebm, I expressed at 10 and got 4oz and she slept till 5.15!!!! But cause she slept for so long and I didn't feed her at 1-2am which I usually do, I woke up at 2.30 and my chest was throbbing, I was full of milk. I managed to go back to sleep and when she woke at 5am I was rock hard, fed her but had to keep breaking off to wind her as she was guzzling....

Hubby wants to do the bedtime feed, am I likely to wake up everynight fit to bursting or will things settle down?


  • It WILL settle once this becomes the pattern - it takes your body a few days to work out it doesn't need to produce milk for that time it wil get better! I remember waking up sopping and in a puddle cos lo hadn't fed as normal but your body soon adjusts!
  • Ok thanks! Now I'm expressing do I have to express everyday, am I likely to cause myself problems if I don't keep it up?
    Her sleeping for so long is this an indication she isn't getting much from me?
  • It is probably better to try and express everyday but I am no expert on this so I am not sure! I used to try and express maybe twice a day for 10mins each once lo didn't have to have a top up at every feed.

    As for her sleeping so long - no it is not any indication she doesn;t get enough from you - she may well have done it last night if she had fed from you! or it may have been a one off fluke or it maybe that feeding from the bottle was easier for her so she took a bit more - goodness me with babies it can be any number of things so try not to think too much into it :lol: yeah right when do mums ever stop doing that :lol:
  • I try to keep to a set routine for expressing but don't worry if I miss one because I have a good supply in the freezer. If you stop expressing for a couple of days then your supply will drop so try to not miss too much.

    My LO has suddenly started sleeping longer (Yay!!!) and for the first couple of nights I woke up in pain from my breasts. This has reduced now. Hope she doesn't start waking up again as my breasts might not be able to give her enough?!

    If she is sleeping longer I would see that as an indication that she is a satisfied, contented baby and thank your lucky stars. I feed Abby a bottle at night now because she wasn't getting enough from the breast. She was just too tired to suckle properly. We find a bottle of EBM is best for our sleep and hers.

    H xx
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