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Feeding all the time...

Me, that is- not the baby! I know that I need an extra 500 or so calories for bfing, but I can't get over how hungry I feel, much more than when I was pregnant. Does anyone else find this? Having just got into my pre-pregnancy clothes (lo is 7 weeks) I don't want to put on loads of weight again. So, should I trust my body to know what it needs, and eat whenever I'm hungry? Or should I start counting calories and make sure I'm eating a 'sensible' amount? :\?


  • hiya
    I was amazed at how hungry I have been whilst feeding. I used to eat packets of biscuits and then I started putting weight back on.
    I rejoined weight watchers (lost 3 stone with them before I got pregnant) and you get extra points for feeding. I currently follow the Core plan with them which is basically healthy eating.
    I have 3 meals a day and make sure they consist of healthy carbs (brown rice/pasta/potatoes), veg, lean protein and have yoghurt/fruit for dessert and a pint of skimmed milk. I am NEVER hungry now between meals and have lost 19.5 pounds in the last 14 weeks.


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