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New mummy who needs help please

Hi ladies, so i am a new mummy, my baby is 8 days old, and she was born by emergency c-section. Well, we have difficulty latching as my midwife said i have big and flat nipples. So at the beginning i was exclusively expressing, then i started wearing the nipple shields and it is going well.

My question is, when i bf her, she tays only for 10-20 minutes maximum and falls asleep on my breast, only to feel hungry again after one hour. At the night she would scream of hunger and would wake up for an expressed feed of about 2-3 oz every 2 hours.

Is this normal? i mean with only 10-20 minutes on my breasts is she getting enough? because i have the feeling that she gets more food from the bottle than my breast.
Am i doing it right?

Renee and Sarah(8days old)


  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cant believe I didnt know you had had your beautiful baby girl! Im so excited for you! lol...sorry - just had a fit when I saw this on the first page!

    10-20 mins is about right for how young she is. Breastfeeding is very tiring for them so they get worn out from sucking. The bottle is much easier. Also, they have very small tummies and can only take a little at a time and will feed little and often. I fed the boys constantly for the first 3 or so weeks as they fed every 2 hours - ish. It made me quite sore but they just couldnt take anymore at once.

    Also, she probably will get more from a bottle as its much easier for her. You'll know if she isnt getting enough as she wont be satisfied at all, even for an hour.

    Lots of Love hun...youre doing a great job!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 11 + 6
  • Congratulations and well done on the BF, I had a c section and my little girl wouldn't latch on my 48 hrs so know how tough it is.

    She only feeds 10-20mins max as well and because she's not a natural feeder I was ready to give up but when she was weighed and ever since (6 weeks tomorrow) she is gaining really good weight so I carried on, so dont feel she's not getting enough, apparently some babies are more efficient feeders and therefore fill up more quickly.

    As for the feeding pattern, Ive had her wanting to be feed every 1-2hrs then every 3hrs but then back to every 1 or 2 hrs over the last few weeks. Feeding on demand can be really irregular and Ive been told you just have to go with the flow but its really exhausting and Ive not slept properly since she was born. I was thinking of going to formula as the feeing demands were getting me down but she doesnt like bottles and I cant be bothered with all the sterilising and she has colic so dont want increased problems with winding.

    Good luck and dont worry she will be getting plenty its just hard for you!

    Inka xxx
  • hey, huge congratulations! i had my baby by emergency c-section under ga as well, so i know exactly how you are feeling. i found it really difficult to keep up with theo's feeding demands for about the first 6 weeks and felt like i was constantly feeding him (make sure you have nipple cream, it really helps at the begining when the feeding is every hour or so), but if you get through that then it honestly gets so much easier, theo is now 12 months and we are still breast feeding because i find it so easy, convenient and enjoyable! good luck, it sounds like you are doing everything right and really well,
    kate and theo xxx
  • hi hun congratulations!!!
    i had emergency c section in aug. my lo did exactly the same and it was really hard, mw told me that it's cuz baby warm and cosy so try feeding her in just her nappy so she's not cold but cool, this will stop her falling to sleep and hopefully have a more satisfying feed.
    it gets easier promise and she is getting all she needs from u so just carry on your doing a great job, after 4-6 weeks it'll be so easy and fuss free it makes it all worth it. get a good bedtime routine in too, this will help and sleep as much as u can during the day. hope this helps, try the just nappy thing worked great for me xxxxx
  • congratulations and well done. are you feeding from just one breast each feed? 20 mins on 1 breast should be fine as the longer on one breast the more of the richer milk she'll get. pleanty of wet and dirty nappies means she's getting enough ever if she does want to feed every hour.

    if she's only on for 10 mins, maybe change her nappy to wake her and encourage her to contunie with the feed, you may start to get an extra hour between feeds

    good luck it is very hard work but at such a young age she'll still be getting used to it and you too. keep going i bet you'll be surprised when you have her weighed
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