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Baby wont take a bottle!! Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All,
Ruby is 15 weeks old and I have breastfed her from day one. I am due back at work soon sadly and she will have to go to a childminder. The problem is that she wont take a bottle, not with expressed breast milk nor with formula. We have tried it with hubby feeding her and all the usual tricks etc to no avail. I dont want to have to try a feeder cup as I feel she is too young and it will be too much hassle for all concerned. I am getting rather deperate now and my life is quite restricted as I cant go anywhere without her for too long.
Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • I dont really know what to say, Ive heard warming the teat to body temperature can help?
    Found this link for you too

    Good Luck!
  • Oh hun I wish I had some advice. Just to say you're not alone. Riley won't touch a bottle. We've tried hubby or my mum feeding, 3 different types of bottle, the carton formula instead, EBM, sippy cup, doidy cup!!! Nothing works. He's so agressive and tries to hit out at whatever you try to give to him, even if you let him play with it whilst empty. He won't let it near his mouth. If you do find something that works please share, lol. Will have my fingers crossed for you, and if anything works for us i'll let you know. xxx
  • Hiya
    I know wot ur goin thru, i had a nite mare tryin to get my lo to take a bottle, she would scream and cry and turn away then i'd get upset and cry andwe'd jst both b sat there cryin!
    I posted on here 4 sum advice but the main thing was perseverance really (as hard as it is), and eventually she started to take them adn now she's guzzlin 9oz bottles!
    Will find the post and bump it up 4 u.
    Good luck back at work
  • I've bumped it up its called please help me!!
  • I'm having this problem too. Am going to try the Tommy Tippee Closer to Nature teats and see if we have any luck with them, but I'm not holding my breath *sigh*.

    Sorry I can't be of any help.
  • Hi, I was in exactly the same situation. I tried various bottles, expressed bm and different formulas and eventually gave up for a while as found it was too much hassle. A few weeks ago I tried breastflow bottles and lo seems to have taken to these. They are sold on ebay, amazon and also in mothercare. I would say they are definitely worth a try.

    She is coming up to 8 months now and along with her solids she has bf morning and night and a bottle with formula in the afternoon.

    Good Luck xx
  • all I can say is keep on trying.

    my lo refused a bottle at first - we just kept on trying. Try turning the teat in her mouth - I find that encourages little man when he's in a mood. Different teats can also help - they certaimly have preferences.
  • Thanks for replies all. Only 7 weeks til I go back to work and I work 12.5 hour shifts. No chance of nipping home or to childminders to feed her. Will read the thread you suggest and persevere. Fingers crossed for me lol.
    Just been to pantomime and left Ruby with her Dad .... still wouldn'ttouch the bottle, she was ravenous when I got home! xxx
  • have you tried sneaking it in during a night feed when she's sleepy? Unless you're a very lucky mum and she sleeps thru image
  • Hi,

    My DS is also coming up to 15 weeks and have a spa day planned for Saturday and am having exactly the same problem. I expressed regularly during the early days with the plan to use a bottle now and again. He screamed the house down the first time but then lapped up 6oz at about 6 weeks the next time we tried it.

    We tried again yesterday and he wouldn't take it at all and screamed and screamed. I hid in the bathroom but it was awful. We then tried again today but with less pressure but again to no avail although he eventually took a bit from a spoon.

    I was wondering if the fact that I'd mixed freshly expressed milk with thawed milk might have had something to do with it as it did have a smell to it. Has anyone else noticed this?

    At the moment my Mum is going to drive him down for me to feed during the day - what a nightmare. I know it's selfish but I was really looking forward to a day to myself.

    Am going to stick at it this week, just with an 1oz at a time so as not to waste any.....wish me luck!
  • Gingalady, I know what you mean about the wasting! All the hard work of expressing for it to be poured away eh. Good luck, I hope you get to have a relaxing day. We've been trying every day and Riley is not budging. xxx
  • have you tried breast flow bottles lots of people say that they are good for bf babies. freya wont take a botyle but im not worried, she would take one when she was younger but stopped at 8 months when i had to back to work. but it doesnt matter too much as she is fully weaned on 3 propper meals a day so can go all day with out a bf if she has to. but i do see your problem as you baby will be alot younger when you go back. i would give braest flow bottles try, it jsut a case of being persistant she will get it in the end. xx
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