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bf and dummies?

do any of you lo's bf give yourr lo's a dummy? if so how long did you wait before giving one?
my lo is nearly 5 weeks old and already 11lb (birth weith 8lb) during the day he only seems to settle one on my boob, like hes using me as his dummy! thinking of giving in and trying him with a dummy to let my boobs fill up. any advice would be great thanks x


  • I gave my baby a dummy last week to see if she liked it and she really finds it useful for settling herself. She is almost 7 wks now. I didnt wait until 6 wks for any particular reason the need to try it just hadnt arisen until last week. It hasnt made any difference to her ability to breastfeed. She interchanges between bottles, dummies and breast no problem.

    Dont worry about it - just give it a try! x x x
  • well i gave him a dummy and would he take it ? no. he just didnt know what to do with it! he has ebm in tt closer to nature bottles but no luck with dummy yet. thanks for your advice x
  • Sometimes my baby takes the dummy and sometimes not as she spits it out.

    When she does take it, it instantly settles her like nothing else and it hasn't interfered with breast feeding.

  • We gave Connor a dummy at 4 weeks when he had colic, we used closer to nature dummies. At first he was a bit confused about what to do with it but he ended up loving it.
    Now at 5 months he only uses it at night before sleep
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