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Sad that i may have to stop feeding

Hi ladies,

Just a bit of a moan with other mums that may understand, and looking for a bit of advice.

I'm starting back at work in 2 weeks, so after 7 and a half months of ebf, i'm trying to transfer Oliver onto bottles for day feeds, but i still want to keep my morning and evening b-feeds. My problem is now, as he has cut his bottom 2 teeth, and i think he is still teething, and he has realised he can chew the teat on his bottles, he is trying to do the same thing to me, which really really hurts! I don't want to give up my last two feeds, but i don't think i can cope with him biting me. How have you other mums overcome this biting? Do you think it's worth perservering, or should i just put him onto all formula bottles so it doesn't continue?

Confused and a bit sad if this is the end image


  • on the few occasions that Ollie tried to bite me I broke his latch and took him off for a minute. A couple of times of doing that and he realised that he couldnt bite.

    the bottom teeth arent the problem when bf as their tongue covers them, its the top two that need dealing with usually.

  • Yeah, he's had his bottom teeth for a couple of weeks now, and so far they haven't been a problem, it's only just the last day or two that he's started biting me with them. I have been taking him off when he bit me, and then re attaching him several times, but he's bitten me again. I'll just have to try a few more times maybe and see if he gets it.
  • my lo is younger (5.5months) but a few weeks ago i had the same thing. If i yelped 'ow' he would sometimes laugh and think it was a game so i just tried ignoring it. it lasted about a week or so and he's not done it since. He still chews the bottles tho!
  • Hi Smiling_fairie !
    oucchh !! im glad Morgan hasnt started teething yet (shes 7 and half months too)
    boooo to going back to work. im going back in feb. i ebf with the odd formula bottle...but recently she doesnt seem interested in me keeps fussing and only bf for a few seconds but shes gulping down bottles now ! so ive switched the day feeds to bottles .... just keeping the night ones (inc one before bed) but last night tried her with a bottle and she took it and went to bed so gonna try with a bottle again tonight before bed
    ..... image kinda sad its coming to a stop. but am looking forward to having my boobies back!!!!

    and a cheeky night out !! and not watching wat im drinking !
    good luck hope u can carry on !!! xxxx
  • I know what you mean jojo, i'm sad that it might be coming to an end, but it suddenly occured to me i'll be able to wear normal bra's again, which is quite exciting! (sad but true!)

    Oliver doesn't seem to be to keen on the bottles to be honest, like i said he tends to just chew them, and cry and i end up feeding him because i'm worried he hasn't had anything. Saying that yesterday when we were shopping he took 7 oz's of formula, maybe i'll just have to take him shopping more so he takes the bottlesimage
  • ooohh i found that with Morgan that she didnt like bottles !! i just kept trying shed take a couple of ounces then one day she took about 6 oz (i bought NUK bottles with the latex teats.... their brill)

    now she takes anybottle...!!
    i also found she would only take a bottle if she was sitting up facing me (sounds weird but it worked) ie. in her high chair , buggy , or sitting facing me on the sofa.
    if i tried to hold her lke how id breast feed shed get really annoyed !!

    but now its fine shell lay down and have a bottle now.

    good luck with the bottles!

    ps. i gave up with nursing bras when morgan was about 2 months! i felt yucky feels great to wear normal bras !! whoooo
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