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Expressing - nipple confusion?

Just wnat some advice really.

I'm thinking of expressing to give myself a break sometimes, especially during the night.

1. 1st...when is the best time to express?

2. How much should i express for a 8 day old baby?

3. Lastly - i'm worried that giving her a bottle with confuse her. Will she reject me if i'm still BF? I read that sucking from a breast is different to sucking from a bottle?

Many thanks xx


  • hi there,congratulations on your lo,the general rule is that you half your babys weight for the amount of oz your baby will probably take ie:if baby was 8lb it would probably take about 4oz.It is a different action sucking from a bottle than suckling from the breast,i think its reccommended that you wait a month before introducing a bottle but all babies are different so your lo may be fine.Iv heard that the first years bottles are good as they work similar to how the breast does and requires a similar suckling movement.Lastly the morning is usually the best time to express,most women find they have more milk at this time xxx
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