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thinking about breastfeeding??.

Hi everyone i am 19 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child & i am already thinking about feeding options....with my 1st i bottle fed from day one...breast feeding wasnt even somehtig i thought about doing. but this time round i would really like to try it....but i am sooo scared. i am scared mainly becasue i have a 14month old little boy, who is a handfull & commiting to do every feed myself scares me. not only this, my other half thinks i shudnt becasue he doesnt get to do the feeds too?....
does anybody else juggle a toddler & a newborn & breastfed?....and what was it like?? xx


  • I have juggled 2 newborns and breastfed!!

    It isnt easy but if you want to do I would definitely say have a go. Even if you only feed for 2 or so weeks and then use bottles, you have then given baby a good start. I have exclusively breastfed my twins for nearly 7 weeks and am now starting to replace a feed at a time with bottles. While I was pg, and knowing it was twins, my view was that, if it worked, it worked, if it didnt, it didnt. Thankfully, my boys took well to bf and im only giving up now as I believe my body is struggling to feed 2 hungry babies. (They were 5.5lb at birth and at 6 weeks are already nearly 9lb!)

    Hope you are happy with whatever you decide.

    Germma, Ryan and Alfie (6 + 3)
  • A good idea for keeping your toddler amused whilst breastfeeding is to keep a box with some toys and books and a dvd in plus a drink and some snacks (rotate the toys frequently so they dont get bored!) That way, whenever you have to feed the baby there is all the things your toddler should need within arms reach; As for your husband, i'm sure he'll come round to the idea, you know what men are like with change! But there are plently of ways he can help out still, i/.e. bath time, changing nappies, getting baby dressed, looking after your toddler whilst your feeding baby, taking baby out for a walk so you can have some time to yourself or with your toddler, or you could even express some milk once feeding is estabilshed so your partner can feed sometimes.

  • i agree it is hard having a tddler and newborn, but i found it a lovely time too. My toddler did get jealous and chose the times i was bf to play up, but it didnt last and she got used to it! I also got used to doing lots of things for her one handed and even walking around feeding baby whilst making her a drink/snack etc.
    my hubby has been very supportive of bf both my girls and didnt mind never feeding them. He was most useful at settling them after a feed, which then gave me a break.
    In the early days, there were times when they were both awake in the night or days when i thought i couldnt do it anymore, but these grew to be less and less often as baby got older. i'm still bf my 11 month old, and my 3 year old bf's her teddies. x
  • ooh, good post!! im 6 weeks pregnant with my second, and im definately breastfeeding. although i am worried also that my toddler will feel like new baby is getting cuddles and she is missing out. but i suppose she will just have to get used to it!! i suppose its goung to be times like this that the little things like kids tv, and some cheeky choccy buttons will come in useful!! lol!!

    my OH is completely behing me brestfeeding wise, i only fed my DD for 3 weeks, and i regret this terribly. i didnt find out until much later in that OH was gutted that i stopped too, as he is very pro breastfeeding.

    well, im all ready to make milk for next time!! cant wait!! xx
  • one woman i know feeds the baby whilst the other is cuddling up with them on the sofa to! xx
  • OOOh I like the cuddling up idea. I'm also pregnant with No2, No1 will be 26 months when the LO arrives and she lovesbooks - so cuddling up with a book could be a great idea :\)
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