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nearly 9months bf yay but gp wants me to stop booo :(

hi all

luca will be 9 months on the 1st of march its gone so fast. anyway i have fed luca exclussively since birth as he doesnt like milk from cup bottle or spoon! hes strictly a boobie boy lol. ive still got s.p.d and its getting worse n worse the painkillers g.p gives me dont touch it and he says the only way to move things along n get my pelvis n hips sorted is to pack in breastfeeding so i can hev some better pain relief and see if once i stop bf my hormones return to normal it may stop the s.p.d!!! im in a stupiud amount of pain but im just not ready to stop bf yet n neither is luca my mum saus im being stupiud.

any opinions or advice

lolly xxxxx


  • hi, ask your dr or h/v for the number of a b/f counsellor, they should be able to help, maybe come up with some ideas so you can carry on feeding him. remember its totally up to you, so if you want to stop you can do but if you want to continue then your dr should support your decision. goodluck!
  • at 9 mths a gather luca wnt be having that many feeds a day now? like chrystal says if u call a bf helpline they may be able to give you some advice as sometimes u can feed on certain medicines if theres so many hrs between u having them and feeding.Make sure u make the best decision 4 u hun and congrats for feeding for 9 mths,its a wonderful experience isnt it xxx
  • I was and still am in a similar situation having had severe back and neck problems and both the consultant and my osteopath have suggested that I stop bf but I am stubborn/silly and continue to feed my 23 month old 3-4 times a day!
    A physio that I was seeing said there was no point seeing me until I had stopped feeding (and carrying!) my daughter as I wouldn't get better until I did but the private doctor just made me even more determined to carry on when he said (she was 13 months at the time) that I was preventing her from developing by continuing to feed her!!
    Anyway, it's a tricky one and you need to do what is best for both of you. If you need to stop then just congratulate yourself on feeding for so long. xx
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