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Sucking blister

Hi ladies

Olyvia has had a few sucking blisters since being born and I just wondered if anyone elses baby gets them? The HV said they don't hurt them and not to do anything with it and I don't suppose there's anyway to prevent them is there?

I'm wondering if it's when she has a growth spurt and sucks more eagerly? Well we're having her weighed today so we'll see if she's had a growth spurt this week as she's been sucking SO much harder and has had a blister.

Love NN and Olyvia xxx


  • Sam gets these all the time, even now at 4 months! I see it as quite a good sign that they're really going for it and getting loads out! Its never seemed to bother him, and always goes within a day... well, until the next one!

    Hope weighing went well and you're happy with her gain! xx
  • my son gets thses all the time. my health visitor said its a sign he is latched on properly.
  • Thank you ladies for the reassurance that it's actually a good sign!

    Olyvia gained 7 1/2oz this week so we're really pleased image

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

  • hi, perfectly normal, iuts just from where the lips are so soft and they suck sooo hard, i was worried when ds had them when tiny, but asked the hv if it was to do with a bad latch or something and she assured me that they're perfectly normal and not a sign of a latch problem.
    7.5oz! wow very well done the both of u! xx
  • I put a little bit of lanisoh, the nipple cream, on it and it cleared up almost straight away, the midwife said this was ok to do. Looks sore to me!
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