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  • My baby is 13 weeks old and breastfed. I've expressed since she was 5 days old and she has about 3 bottles per week. Up until week 11 I expressed with no problems. I express 4-7oz per day until week 11. Some days I can get the milk really easy others I struggle to get even an ounce. She feeds no bother and gains weight every week. She feeds every 3 hours but rarely crys to be fed or gives me a hint she needs fed. I've just got into a routine of feeding every 3 hours as she would sleep and go hours with out a feed. I find it easier to get milk before a feed or 1st thing in morning if I'm up before baby wakens. I don't always have time to pump 5 times a day. How can I increase my supply? I'd just like enough to send her to grandparents to stay over while she's not clingy. Only really need enough for last feed at night and 1st feed in morning as there only 5mins away but would be good to have a bigger supply and get out and about every so often. Just don't want a clingy baby as my mum had that problem with me and even had to give up jobs because of it
  • My milk supply is dropping I tired Motherlove More milk so hoping that will work. I just went back to work and would like to know how oten should I be pummping?

  • Hello Angelica Zorrilla and Linda2

    We're so sorry for not seeing your posts until now.

    Unfortunately, you've posted on a very old thread (from way back in 2010) that was calling people to a web chat that was running at the time (and is now long over).

    Could we suggest you post your question again on a new thread in the Breastfeeding section? Then hopefully you'll get some answers – if you still need them!

    In the meantime, we're going to lock this thread now, so no one else can post on it by mistake...

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