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Tongue Tie - Latching On HELP

hi all,

my daughter is 12 days old and had her tongue tie snipped last night which was pretty traumatic for us all, although my daughter latched on well afterwards and had a full feed which was wonderful as I've had such sore cracked and bleeding nipples we'd had to formula/expressed milk feed by bottle over the last 2 days. However since then she is really struggling to latch on and is getting very frsutrated very quickly and working herself up into a frenzy of crying.

We have tried a variety of different feeding positions, including trying her before she is asking to be fed, when she is half asleep and even offering her the bottle first to take the edge of the hunger to settle her but nothing is working. I spent over 2 hours at each feed time trying to get her to latch.. endng up with me in tears, her in tears and hubby having to resort to bottle feeding her otherwise she wouldn;t have got anything.

Does anyone have any advice, I understood from the exoerts that having the tongue tie clipped would have made it easier for us to breastfeed but at the moment I am at the end of my tether and starting to worry that we are just not going to be able to do this and end up bottle feeding which I just don't want for us at all, :cry:

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated

Mrs J & Emma



  • hi hun, my daughter had tongue tie too and had hers cut at 7 days (she is now 15 mths and still bfeeding once a day).

    it really helped with us so i dont know what youre going through exactly but i can suggest expressing at the start of the feed until you let down (wen the milk comes really fast) and then try feeding her, because she wont have to suck hard to get any milk; it should just go into her mouth and she SHOULD latch on properly instead of fussing around waiting for the hind milk.

    Keep using cold cabbage leaves or expressing milk onto your nipples for comfort after a feed, and remember, she'll get what she needs, if you keep offering and she's getting the hind milk she won't starve.

    let me know how it goes, i hope she gets better really soon and keep asking for help as im sure i was still struggling at the 12 day mark too - it gets MUCH easier in a few more weeks!! xxxxx

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  • I meant she is still 15 mths sorry xxxx
  • Hi, my son had is togue tie snipped at 2 weeks old. They did say that he will need to relearn feeding as he will be able to do a different technique. He has been fine (he's a super sucker now as he had to suck so hard hen he had the tie - he has continued to do this!!). Apparently feeding in the bath can help babies to re-establish feeding. Have you tried a breast feeding drop in session?
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