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BFing and weaning

My LO is coming up to 5 months and I am starting to think about weaning. Will probably wait until 6 month mark as he seems very content on just milk at the moment but will play it by ear and have nothing against starting earlier if he shows the signs.

ANYWAY, getting to the point... I really value hearing about the experiences of breastfeeding mums who have already been through something. How did you find weaning onto solids? If you were still feeding on demand, how did you introduce food, what time etc? How soon did your LO drop feeds? And how long did it take for them to get onto 3 meals a day? Did you do BLW or traditional puree weaning?

Would be interested to hear how it was for you if you wouldn't mind sharing!


  • Hiya,
    My lo is nearly 10 months old and I am still bf. I ended up having to wean him at 19 weeks as he started to drop off his centiles, awoke during the night when he had previously been sleeping through, and showed the other signs of needing something more substantial. As he was weaned earlier than recommended I wasn't able to do BLW although I would have liked to however, I did try and integrate an element of it into his weaning by giving him finger type foods before 6 months as I thought he was able to cope. I bought the Annabel Carmel baby and toddler book which gives meal planners telling exactly how to start weaning such as the boob first, then a meal and as the weeks go on, it alters to enable lo to drop feeds as necessary. I would highly recommend it if you are going down this route of weaning. Lo dropped his midmorning feed once I had established 3 meals per day - which was about a month or so?? He dropped his mid afternoon feed by about 6 or 7 months as I started giving him snacks mid morning and mid afternoon and then he dropped his lunch time feed just before Christmas (which was ideal for me as I started back at work at the end of December and expressing whilst there would have been a nightmare!)

    All in all, I have had a really good experience with weaning as lo loves food and has taken to it like a duck to water! He now eats pretty much everything that we eat although every couple of weeks I make one of his baby recipes to freeze down for when we have takeway or something.

    Good luck with it!

  • Thank you so much - very interesting to hear and glad it's been so positive for you xx
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