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giving up the breast for bottles but dont have a clue!!!

Amy is 3 and half months old and has been exclusivley breast fed but for some reason she now has trouble latching on and staying on. (she has a bottle of expressed at night so she can use a bottle)

So i am thinking of mix feeding so morning and night she has breast milk and the rest formula.
but i know nothing about bottles!!!

what do you do when going out?

can you prepare the bottle before and then just heat it up when your out? (would like to heat it as she is use to warm milk from me)

how long are bottles sterile for?

whats the best brand to use?

She is a big baby (almost 16lb!!) and still feed in the night do bottle fed babies go longer in the night??

thanks! xxxx


  • Hi hun - it's up to you how to make the bottles. You can do 1 of 2 things:

    Either make all the bottles the night before and store in the fridge, and warm when needed. Keep in a cool bag when out & about (you can buy travel bottle warmers and flasks).

    Or pour the required amount of cooled boiled water into the bottles every night (this is fine to keep out at room temp, doesnt need to be in fridge) and then add the formula when it is needed (then warm up the bottle). You can buy powder dispensers which are really useful when you're out.

    I would throw out any water/formula if the bottle has been made longer than 24 hours.

    As for brands, it all depends what suits your baby. I would personally go for Cow and Gate, or aptamil (but c&g is cheaper!) These have prebiotics in so babies are less likely to get constipated. Hipp is meant to be a good milk too.

    My baby has been bottle fed since birth and has slept thru from an early age, however this isn't always the case. I have a friend who bottle feeds and her baby still wakes up (at 10 months) so it depends on the baby not the method of feeding xx
  • Hey hun...

    Ive never needed to feed sam when I was out apart from once and I gave him it at room temp..I just made up the bottle and stuck the cap on.... Its good to get them used to bottles at room temp so you dont have to worry about heating it up whilst out

    I am using avent at the moment but they leak quite alot, so I would recommend tommee tippee bottles

    I found sam did sleep longer at night on bottles yeah. As soon as we established a good feeding routine with the bottles he slept through xx
  • oh and he was fed every 4 hours since i started bottle feeding him at 3/4 months xx
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