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Does anyone know why you cant make bottles up by adding the formula in advance? I know the water has to be hot to kill the bacteria in the power so what can be bad once the bacteria is dead? And does reheating cool boiled water really make it hot enough to kill the bacteria?

Thanks in advance xx

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  • Now this is in no way a scientific answer, just my understanding of it! I think that when you make it up the hot water kills the bacteria in the powder but as it cools and lies in the fridge/ at room temperature then new bacterias develop and grow. And no I dont think that reheating it kills the bacteria. That said I have a formula fed 9 month old who has been ff since birth and i have made bottles up 12 hours in advance, kept in the fridge and he has never had a tummy bug (touch wood) and has only been ill with a cold once since being born when all the babies around us had it too. So it cant do them too much harm. I make them up fresh now as I know exactly when he'll need it but I'd like to see the formula manufacturer predict when a week old baby will need fed and then wait half an hour while it screams for the kettle to cool then wait again till you cool it under running water. If you can't reheat bottles they shouldnt sell bottle warmer!!
    Sorry, that turned in to a bit of a novel!
  • Hiya hun,

    The department of health guidelines actually say you can make up feeds in advance for 'when it is not practical to make up feeds just before

    At our parentcraft classes my midwife told us that it was changed as
    there were too many incidences of babies getting sick where feeds had
    been made up in advance, what she did say though was that the study
    didn't detail whether they had been prepared and stored correctly though
    ie. Properly sterilised, cooled and refridgerated then used within 24hours.
    As the guidelines don't make it a big no-no as long as you're sensible I
    wouldn't worry.

    Personally I'm making them up as I go. I've got a milk powder dispenser
    that holds enough for 3feeds, each morning I put a couple of bottles of cooled boiled water in the fridge then for each feed I boil the kettle, put half boiling water in, at the powder then top up with the cooled boiled
    water. In that way it's fresh, the powders added to boiling water and ds
    isn't kept waiting. But if I was going out and leaving him with someone else (yet to be braved) I'd have no qualms with making them up in advance and leaving in the fridge x
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