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Hungry baby.. Help!

Really need help here lol.
My son is 7 weeks old, the Hv said he should only be hving 6oz every 4hours.. but he is having 7 sometimes 8 ... & then sometimes still screamiing for more after?
The Hv said to just leave him in his pram cryin for 5 mins to see if he settles himself, but i cant do leave him screaming so it only last a min or so..

Help? x


  • Ive just typed a reply and BE ate it!! What it said was I think it depends what HV you get. Mine said feed your baby when he is hungry. My lo feeds usually every 3 hours (he is 7 weeks old on Saturday). Sometimes he will go longer and sometimes not as long. when they are hungry they are hungry so feed them!! My HV said to leave him crying five mins but ive not done this. He only crys when he is tired or hungry so im not gonna leave him five mins! You are quite lucky he goes four hours between feeds, I think thats good for a 7 week old (from experience of my little boy!!). the measurements on the tub are only a guide (believe me its took a while for that to sink in cos i was worried i was overfeeding my little boy as he weighed 12lb 2 at nearly six weeks!!). Hes your baby so just go with him and feed him if hes hungry. Hope that helps!! Lisa x
  • My HV said a similar thing too -
    She asked me how much lo takes at each feed, I said we make up 7oz and she will sometimes drink5, 6 or the full 7oz and she said try and just let her drink 50z - WTF?!! So if lo is screaming Ive got to say to myself 'the HV told you you cant have the rest - sorry your still hungry' I dont think so!!

    I would ignore you HV - I have been told, you cannot overfeed a baby, if they have too much they will sick it back up - which is true.
    Dont worry keep doing what your doing xx
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