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Vomiting after feeds (SMA)

Alyssa is 12 days old and on SMA Gold, the last couple of days she projectile vomits after her feeds could it be reflux? im not really sure what reflux is or how to make it better, or should i try changing formula? is SMA notorious for making babies sicky???

Any advice appreciated

Thanks Clair


  • hey hun, i personally think sma gold is notorious for making babies sicky. jayden was on it to start with and was really rather sick. i know a few people who dislike this one so therefore dont wouldnt use it again. i doubt it is reflux. for jasmine i have to use cow and gate. all the mummies i know use this too and i dont know one who has had issues with it.
    hopw this helps
  • we are on sma gold and had this for roughly a week, it did settle down though, jacob also had a cold at the time so this may have contrbuted,

    if it doesnt settle its worth trying another x
  • I have stopped breastfeeding and gone onto formula cow and gate, mainly as its what I used with my other daughter and had no problems. Lizzie was sicky for first day or so but i pout that down to changing from bf to ff. I have found that as long as she is winded and burps in the middle of her 3oz bottle and again at the end she isnt sick. if i lie her down flat straight after a feed she is a little sick so I change her nappy before starting the feed and then give her a little cuddle before putting her down.
    my friend said she found if she laid her baby down flat after a feed she was also sick x
  • A lot of people have had problems with sma gold and cow and gate and chnaged over to aptamil and it seemed to sort it out! I can't speak from experience though as only ever used aptamil!
  • Hi,

    Don't start changing the milk just yet. You really need to give baby a chance to settle on the milk. SMA Gold is reallly as close to breast milk as you can get and for the first few weeks should be OK. Some babies are just naturally sicky babies , however, if you are still worried speak to your health visitor.

    As a side note I tried the Biogaia Probiotics in my child at three months who kept suffering from reflux and colic - the drops were brilliant. I'm not saying they will work in this instance but you may want to check them out.:\)
  • I used SMA Gold with my son and never had a problem. This time am going with SMA Gold too, but every baby is different and what agree's with one may not agree with another.

    Interestingly enough though my Mum used SMA with me and I took it alright as well apparently. Probably why I tried it in the first place!

    Sam x
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