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Am 18 weeks pregnant and have decided to bottlefeed, have heard from a few friends that they found Aptamil the best and it also says its the closest to breastmilk?

How many of you use this? Wondering if you can let me know your good/bad experiences on using this?

There are so many out there it seems a mind field knowing which one to go for!



  • I find it fine! I tried all on them on my lo and she wasn't bothered which one, so I chose this one for the extra ingredients for the immune system (as she wouldn't be getting them from me) and also cos it smells the best (but still not great!).
  • We use it because lo got all bunged up on sma. Seems fine - and does smell better!
  • I'm mixed feeding and my lo seems happy with the Aptamil. Also agree it doesn't have that nasty formula smell!

    Cat xxx
  • We use Aptamil Easy Digest and find its fab for lo.

    We tried cow & gate, sma and also hungry baby versions (would stay away from that as heard it upsets tummies etc)

    With the Aptamil, it you go for the Easy Digest, then you need to use size 2 or easy-flow teats, as size 1's are too small - the milk is slightly thicker due to the Easy Digest bit! We tried easi-flow but lo kept choking as it came out too much, so we use size 2 - are using Tommee Tippee bottles and teats.

    HTH xx
  • We tried aptamil but it made her very sicky. Use SMA gold now.
  • Aptamil works for us - HV says it is the best as closest to breast milk. Wouldn't recommend the hungry baby one though. We use Dr Browns bottle now as Freyah has had bad wind. Had to use Colief for a while too but stopped that about a week ago. Nothing wrong with bottle feeding, breast is not for everyone and there's pros and cons for both. Good luck!
  • tash32 - what's wrong with the hb? I use it!?
  • Hi,

    I use Aptimal Easy Digest and find it good. I started mix feeding to begin with (EBM from a bottle) and didn't notice any difference in LO between the Aptimal and EBM.

    I think it is a case of trial and error to see which works for your baby.

    Immense - Tash is from the same forum as me and a few babies in there have been clogged up by the hungry baby one. That is probably what she means. xx
  • I use Aptimal - we had issues breast feeding so I sat and scoured sites for ages and came to the conclusion that it was closest to breast milk, he was mixed feed for a while and is now solely FF never had any probs with it at all (IN fact he poo's more regularly now solely FF!)
  • I have in the past used the Aptimal 1st, Easy digest and hungry baby milk. We're now on Aptimal follow on.

    We've had no issues at all and he is a happy healthy 11 month old. S x
  • mrs...d - thanks for that! I was worried for a while! My lo definitely isn't clogged up lol image She does only have it for her night feed though and is on number 1 the rest of the day so that may be why!
  • hi my ds started of on aptamil 1 after i finished bf at 6wks and changed over fine on it, he moved on hungary baby at 14wks and was fine with it never got clogged up once and has now moved onto the follow on and again no probs so far.
  • Aptamil works great for us. SMA tends to be quite rich so not the best for sicky babies. My lo is 8 weeks and we've had to make the shift to hungry baby as he was constantly hungry so we were constantly feeding which in turn was giving him belly ache. Hungry Baby has worked wonders for us and has also cured his reflux.

    I guess all babies are different and what works for one doesn't for another.

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