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How many oz's

DJ been gaining weight on 16-20oz a day???
Hes 6 weeks old and doesnt drink all that much of his new milk nutrimigen but is putting on weight fine

How much do other 6 week babies drink..


  • hiya

    my lo had about 5-6oz of milk 4hrly at 6 weeks. he is now 13 weeks and takes 8oz of hungry baby milk every 4 hrs during the day, as he sleeps thru the night.

    As naz said, as long as he is gaining weight you shouldn't worry, every baby is different. x

  • my little girl is 8 weeks old and she takes about 3-4 ozs at each feed (usually every 4 hours). She is too somehow gaining weight! she now weighs 11lb 7ozs! She is also on nutramigen
  • oh there basically the same age. how did you come to be on nutramigen x
  • She had really bad colic so the doctor presbribed lactose free nutramigen and she is a million times better, she will still only have 3/4 ozs but she is much more settled and very rarely cries.

    I have tried all types of bottles and teats to see if she will take more in the hope she will go longer in between feeds but they make no difference
  • When my lo was 6 weeks he was having 6 6oz bottles, so 36oz. Whoa!

    He is 6.5 months now (28 weeks almost) and drinks 4 6oz bottles. Still loves them but he is on 3 meals now so doesnt need as much! x
  • If he is putting on weight then I say its fine. Babies take what they need, mothers who breastfeed don't know the exact amount of milk their lo is taking, they just know it is right if the baby is content and gaining weight.
    I had the opposite worry as yours. My son was taking 9oz formula 6 times a day at 3.5 months. it was an absolute nightmare and I had to wean him as soon as 4 months came round as he was wanting more and more milk and the bottles only go up to 9oz lol, some nights he would drink up to 13oz before bed and scream if I didn't give him more milk!!! He is now 9 months old and drinks 19oz milk a day, a tin of formula lasts 3 times as long as it used to!!!
  • Hi Hannah yes mine was the same. Always a hungry baby so had to wean at 4months- it made all the difference. Only wanted feeding every 4 hours insted of every 2 hurs! I still have hungry baby and she is now 13 months old.
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