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SMA Gold- What problems?

Hi all feeding my lo on sma gold- he's now 8wks and been mostly fine! gaining weight, feeding every 3hrs generally going really well! I noticed that some of you really wouldn't recommend sma gold, and just wondered what problems you have had with it as its made me wonder wether to switch formula xx


  • Hi hun, I started my lo off on SMA gold and he was fine on it. However I had to change him to SMA White as he was so hungry and he was v. v. constipated on that, so I changed him to Cow and Gate hungry baby milk and that has been fab. When my lo was on SMA he was very sick and I thought this might have been the milk, when I changed to Cow and Gate it improved for a few days but soon was back to normal, he was diagnosed with reflux so had nothing to do with SMA in the end. If your LO gets on with SMA gold I would keep him on it xx
  • Lily was very sicky with it and is much better with cow and gate, but she has got reflux so I think that was part of the problem.

  • i wouldnt use anything eles my mum used it for me and my 3 siblings and i used it for my 3 older ones and will be using it with no 4. if baby is happy with it dont change it.
  • no problems for us, sam loves it and hes a very happy healthy boy! only problems id say was the price lol xx
  • Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd say I had my 11 week old daugter, Elise, on SMA gold to start with but she wouldn't sleep, was bringing up at least 3 ounces every feed. fed ALL the time, was really grumpy and constipated.

    I've now got her on Aptamil white and all her problems have stopped, she sleeps whole nights, only feeds every 3 or 4 hours, and only possets occasionally. I'd never use SMA or recommend it after her problems.

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