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Anybody experienced probs with hungry baby milk?

Just wondering wether to switch lo on to hungrier baby milk- has anybody had any bad problems when using it? Oliver is 8wks old, feeding every 3hours on 6oz and weighs about 12lb (whopper lol). Thanx for the tips ladies xxx


  • Hi hun, I wouldn't switch him. Feeding every 3 hours is normal at that age, I changed my LO to hungry baby at 6 weeks and regret it as it didnt make a difference and caused constipation! xx
  • I spoke to my health visitor yesterday as I want to put my son on Aptamil Hungry formula. (He has been bottle fed Aptamil first since birth).
    He weighed a massive 10lbs 8ozs when he was born and now at 6 weeks old, he weighs 12lbs 13ozs!! He is very unsettled as I think he is always hungry bless him! He takes about 6oz every 2-3 hours. I really hope the new formula will make him feel more full.
    The HV said that mild constipation should only last a few days after switching.
    Anyone else used Aptamil Hungry?
  • sam brought up every feed when he was on hungry baby milk, i wouldnt switch him if i were u hun xx
  • My first and second child changed to hungrier milk when they were about 2-3 weeks, and had no problems...but my youngest (nearly 3 weeks old) was 8lb14ozs born, is now 9lb12ozs, drinks 5ozs every 2-3 hours normal milk, i tried him on the hungrier milk at 2 weeks, and he wanted feeding every 1-2 hours. so i have now goneback to the first milk. dont know why this was???

  • We use aptamil hungry baby but only for the nighttime bottle as cole started waking more in the night at around 4-5 months old. Not convinced it makes much difference for him tbh but I don't fancy stopping it just in case! We didn't have any problems with it though.

    Aptamil follow on however - that didn't agree with cole at all!

    minime (or anyone else using aptamil with questions) - the people on the aptamil helplines are really good for answering queries - spent about half an hour on the phone with someone last week and she talked more sense than the hv!! Definately worth a call if you are stuck
  • hi, tried Neva on hungry baby and easy digest from Aptamil and both caused us problems. She has been constipated and had much more tummy ache than on normal formula and hasnt helped her sleep anymore. I am switching back to regular aptamil as the suffering and stress is not worth the chance of an extra hour sleep. I reckon if all ok with what you are on - dont change, especially if lo is windy / quite delicate stomach any way x
  • i put ryan on hungry baby formula and it gave him an upset tummy so we switched him back he was 4 weeks old and i got told by my hv to use it i think maybe when he is maybe 2-3 months old and his tummy is abit more developed i might try it again.

  • Theo wouldnt take SMA hungry baby but is fine with Aptimal hungry baby.
  • My daughter is now 12 weeks old. She was feeding every 1-2 hours on the normal formula but we switched to hungry milk it's better now she is feeding every 2-4 hours. but she does go from 11pm till 9am on 5oz then we do 6oz in the morning to make up for all the time she was asleep. She won't take the full 6oz other times of the day. 

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