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Advice for a new mummy please

Hi Ladies

Ollie is 6 days old and wouldnt take breastfeeding at all just couldnt latch on so am bottlefeeding which i feel guilty about but i know i shouldnt!

But anyway i started him on aptamil but he was just after more after half an hour so ive switched to SMA Gold which seems to be filling him up more but he still seems to be hungry again after an hour he isnt draining his bottle when i feed him so im not really sure where im going wrong?

Any advice would be greatful


Rach & Ollie



  • Hello and congratulations on your new baby.

    Firstly try not to feel too guilty about breast feeding. Happy mummy = happy baby. You need to do what is right for you and Ollie.

    Try not to switch back and forth different types of formula too much at this stage as it will upset his tummy.
    I always used Aptimal 1st so don't have any experience of SMA Gold.

    However my lo would take 2oz every couple of hours for at least a week or so until ythe midwife pointed out that he was just having frequent snacks and not a proper feed.
    If you can distract him by going for a walk, putting in a sling or helping him sleep a bit longer then he will be a bit hungrier and take more at next feed.

    Also it could be that he has wind and that's why he's crying and not necessarily hungry. Does he seem to be bringing up wind OK ? You could try infacol at this stage if you think it is wind.

    Hope things are settling down. He's still very little and you're all still finding your way. Hope this has helped a bit. S x

  • Thanks for your reply it could be wind, as he doesnt seem to bring up a great deal when i try to wind him.

    good idea about the distractions i will try taking him for a walk 2m see if that helps image

    thanks for the advice

  • I think it's more likely to be wind than hunger to be honest, as you've said he doens't bring much up. And half an hour after a feed is pretty quick to be feeling hungry again.

    There are lots of hints and tips for helping with wind, infacol is a good place to start and then you can try a bit of massage etc.

    The other thing, depending on how you feel about them, is a dummy. Some babies just like to suckle especially when they are this little. So he could be using the bottle for comfort and a dummy might take his mind off it for a wee while.

    Hope you're having a better day. S x
  • We had probs breast feeding to - so when I first switched I bottle feed on demand as he was used to small amounts often which is normal for a BF baby!

    After about a weeks of taking 2oz-3oz every two hours he settled into a feed every 3-4 hours x
  • the dummy worked hurrah!!! he is now feeding every 3 hours trying not to get him to attached to dummy but were see how that goes!!!

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