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changing milk (sma)

hi ladies

tyler is on sma gold at the moment and is very windy and feeds alot. i have read somewhere that sma is notorious for giving babies wind, just wondering if anyone else has have similar problems and changed brands. i was thinking of changing to cow & gate comfort as recommended by another mum whose baby has wind.


sarah+tyler(27 days)


  • hi there - we had this prob and tried changing to C&G comfort on advice from friend, my LO had the most disgusting nappies and sore tummies within 2 days, so we changed back. We found that changing to SMA progress (red) helped when he ws 6mths old, he is now 22mths btw.
  • my wee boy when he was 1st born was on sma gold, and just refused to we then changed to cow&gate (2) and he is so much happier, he might not burp but he farts out his wind lol (hes 6months)!!

    speak to hv she might be able to recommend the best one for him!
  • amelia was awful on sma gold changed to c&g 2 and she was like a different baby would never use sma again.
  • hey hun - i recently changed toby from comfort to aptimal as his poos were odd and i wasnt happy with him.

    i have to say i am not really happy now - i am thinking of taking toby up to the doctors. So i really dont know what to suggest but comfort is def not as good as i first thought - why can t it be easy hey x
  • hey summer

    i have no idea, its a minefield. we went to dr yesterday about his snotty nose and he said its a basically try it and see what works best as I was nervous about changing his food. touch wood, he seems ok on it so far although his poo smells horrendous, HV said its ok to try if he starts feeding too often may try the hungry baby cow and gate, cant wait for the 12 week when everything is supposed to be easier, i've never had bags so big under my eyes !!

  • well i got an appointmentyesterday and was given paracetomol??????

    Then rang up after i got home and asked to be prescribed enfamil ar milk - he didnt even question me and gave me the prescription.

    i am going to do abit more research on it to make sure it is def right. Doctors are crap though - i am so disgusted with them and my midwife care. My health visitor is brill though.

    have alovely christmas- with all the tears sleeplesness etc - it is still going to be fab (toby is back in his pud outfit!)

    x x x
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