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easy digest?

hi all
a few of us in the june 09 forum have been chatting about aptamil easy digest lately.

i was just wondering if there are any disadvantages to it? if it's easier to digest then why is there a normal one too? do babies need to drink more of it to get the same satisfaction/energy etc?



  • We used easy digest for a while when lo was very young.

    He was quite a sicky baby and had reflux. We were advised to try the easy digest before moving onto medication for the reflux.

    The way it was described to me is that 1st stage formula fills their stomach like milk. Easy digest is slightly thicker and fils stomach like yoghurt, therefore a bit harder to bring up and may reduce sickness.
    For info the hungry baby formula fills tummy more like cottage cheese and that's what makes tem feel fuler for longer.
    They all contain the same nutrients etc it's just the amount of thickening agents in it and how they transform in baby's stomach.

    Baby would drink same amount of each one (in my experience and we've used all 3).

    Each baby is different and some like one formula more than another. One may constipate a baby and might make no difference to the poo's of another baby.

    Does that make sense ? I hope it's helped. S x
  • thank you for this reply it is very useful - i will point it out to the june girls! xx
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