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Carton Question

Hi girls, I just have a quick question about cartons. If I opened a carton of formula and poured half into a bottle for lo to drink, I know that I would discard the rest of the unfinished bottle. If I poured the other half into a separate sterilised bottle, how long would that then keep out of the fridge?



  • Hiya, if its kept out of the fridge I think its the same as if you had already mixed formula, i.e. one hour (some say 2). If you dont pour it into a bottle and put it in the fridge still in its carton its 24 hours. I think thats right, feel free to correct me if im wrong! x
  • yep carton is 24 hours as long as baby hasn't drunk from it yet and u leave it in the carton (opened) then it lasts up to 24 hours in fridge, shld say so on the carton xx
  • Yes in the fridge 24 hours - but out of the fridge the normal 2 hours from when you open the carton image
  • Thanks girls. I was going out all day today, so took a carton with me. I just wanted to know if I could keep the rest for the next feed, but I didn't even need it in the end! Typical!
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