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Formula - Constipated @ 10 1/2 weeks (also in Baby)

Evening ladies,

I am hopeful of getting some advice on brands of formula image

Grace was mixed fed for her first month, and then went onto Cow and Gate stage 1. She was a hungry baby, taking 5-6ox every 1 1/2 hours hence the HV suggested putting her onto the C&G stage 2 hungrier baby formula.

Since going onto formula, she has suffered from constipation. This has gradually been getting worse. She is not a fan of water, and just pushes the bottle away. However, I took the HV's advice and give her the HIPP Organic flavoured mineral water of which she will take approx 1/2 a jar a day.

I was wondering - please can anyone suggest what else could help, or recommend a different formula, suitable for a 'hungry' baby which doesn't cause constipation? I was considering Aptamil, but would be grateful for any advice/ experiences.

Thank you!

Em and Grace (10 1/2 weeks) x
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