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Can you overfeed a bottlefed baby?

We have just stopped breastfeeding and are fully formula feeding now (a huge relief!), but I am concerned my lo is eating too much! is that possible?

He was small when he was born (6lb 9oz), so I have been following the weight guidelines on the formula box for how many ml to give him per feed (for his age, he doesnt weigh anywhere near the amount they suggest!). So, for example, although he is almost 6 weeks, he only weight 8lb 6oz. for a baby that weight, he should be getting 120ml/feed which is what i give him. BUT, the box also says that he should have this amount 5 times a day. well my lo is always hungry and still eats every 3 hours, so has between 7 and 9 feeds a day - and almost every time he manages to finish the 120ml!

Am I overfeeding him? He (touchwood) never vomits, and finishes what I give him no problem. He still weighs just under the 9th centile for his age, so he is still tiny. I obviously am going to feed him what he needs when he is hungry, I just dont want him to end up being huge (and me being told off by the health visitor!)


  • Don't panic-if he's hungry feed him what he wants, he'll only take what he needs and if that's more than it says on the box then so be it!

    If he's not vomiting then he's obviously able to deal with the volume and he's only on the 9th centile so hardly a chunky monkey! You may find that he packs on the weight a bit initially (my DS did after changing from BF to formula-he put on 2lb in one week!) but it is likely to even itself out.

    I don't think unless you're force feeding him (which you're clearly not and in my opinion it's pretty impossible to force feed a baby!) then you have nothing to worry about.

    I remember thinking that bottle feeding would be so much easier in terms of anxiety about how much etc but i found that it just has it's own set of issues-anything to do with babies always does!

    And i'm sure if your baby ends up 'huge' then that is just the way he was meant to be!


  • As long as your only using stage 1 formula you'll be fine. If you used higher and overfeed then your lo can get poorly
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