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Help - how do you choose which formula?


I've got 4 weeks left to my DD and at the moment I'm not into the idea of breast feeding. I've thought to myself that i will give it a go, but probably only for the first couple of days.

My problem is how do you choose which formula to give to your baby? SMA, Cow & Gate or Aptamil??

Please help!



  • Aptamil is the knew best milk years ago it used to be sma gold.

    Aptamil is what i wish i had put my lo on instead of cow and gate. I bf for 4 days but no milk and had jaundice so went to hosp and they had cow and gate or sma so i chose cow and gate as sma is v heavy.

    He has been on aptamil since 12 weeks and never looked back it has brain food in it and is good for not making baby constipated. They dont have it in hosp tho so if u wana use it take ur own tub or cartons and bottles. I hated those glass bottles they gv out and lo never drank much from them.

  • its very individual for baby and for us it was a trial and error, we started on SMA as thats what hubby came back with at 3am one morning when BF wasnt going so well but that made him ver sickly so we ended up on aptimal x
  • my ds is on sma and has been since day 1 as wouldnt latch on etc. Some people have said sma is harder to digest, however we havent had any such problems and we have stuck with sma! I do wish id given more thought to choice of formula but am happy with ds progress and havent had problems of 'hungry baby' which people using some other formulas report(maybe this is cos sma does digest slower so ds not feeling hungry as quick-im no expert on that just going on own experience) x
  • It's defo down to the individual baby.

    I started using formula at 5 months. SMA made both my boys VERY sicky, Aptamil did the same, but not quite so bad. So we have used Cow & Gate ever since. So took three different milks before settling on one. I know someone who has used Hipp happily since day one, but this is not always easy to buy! (My hospital offered SMA, Cow & Gate and Aptamil)

  • someone gave me some SMA and, when the baby was screaming for feed after breastfeeding I gave her some of this.

    It made her sick though so i went on to Aptamil and ahe loves it and we have had no problems since.

    I breast fed for 2 weeks but was producing no milk.

    Baby is 4 months now and we are just moving on to hungry milk for the night feeds.

    It's trial and error really, all babies are different-my friend's son had Cow and Gate.

    Also, i know this is awful but Aptamil sent me the best free gift heheheh

    Hope this helps

  • hi i think it is just down to trial and error. i have 3 children, with my first i used SMA. I was clueless as it was my first baby, and some friends had used SMA with their babies, so I tried it with my DD and it went fine.

    With my DS, 3 years later, I again started him on SMA as I just used what I was familiar with but he was very sicky , so i tried changing him onto Aptamil and he was fine and i kept him on this til he started cows milk.

    With my new baby, who is 3weeks old,I have been giving him SMA again and he seems fine so far on this. I have found Aptamil is quite a lot more expensive than the others, which is why i tried back on SMA for my new baby. But if he gets sick with it, I wouldnt hesitate to move him onto Aptimal.
  • Thank you ladies! I'm so glad I read this thread!My little girl is 4 months old. I breast fed until 3 months and then had to stop, I put my little girl on SMA as that's what they were using in hospital, but since being bottle fed she has been really constipated. Health visitors have been totally useless and I'd tried giving her drinks of water, and even started giving her fruit pots in the hope it would get things moving! Nothing seemed to help, I read this thread and went and bought a tub of Aptimal last night... 24hrs later and 3 lovely soft poos! Yay!

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