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breastfeeding and sma???

hey guys,

i would like to start giving my little girl (four months) sma on the last feed of the night (mainly to see if she will sleep longer). i cant get her to take it tho, she will have my milk from the bottle but not sma. i have tried it warm and room temp but not a chance. she will just scream and scream (half an hour tonight) i cant do it to her she gets in a right mess. i have tried leaving the room and my partner feed her, so she belives im not here, but nothing works. i was hoping to stop when she was 6months but getting worried now lol. any one got any tips??

thanks sarah xx


  • Try a different formula brand aptamil i believe is made by the same people as sma or you could try cow and gate - unfortunately i cant give any other tips as 4 months down the line we still cant get lo to take a bottle.
  • oh bless you must be feeling it, im starting to get more drained now. i think my lo is going threw a growth would be nice for formlua during these times lol. maybe ill have to do it until she she dont want it anymore, i heard they do go on nipple strike so hopefully thats when i can change her. good luck to you as well hun and i did think about changing the milk but i think i get to stressed trying to get her to take it so might as well just carry on. she isnt sleeping during the night still thats only reason i wanted to try it lol. (how selfish of me lmao)

    hope you get there

  • Tbh, I've never heard of 'nipple strike' so don't count on that working. My 10month old has never taken a bottle of formula, she's only just started taking water with solid food! I fed my first daughter sma, and I must admit, out of all the milks I've come across when trying to get DD2 to take the odd bottle, sma smells the most horrid. Aptamil smells like rice pudding, so maybe that would be a better option to try?? And maybe try the ready made cartons as these tend to be creamier. Good luck! X
  • SMA in my opinion is gross, it stinks and tastes horrid especially compared to breast milk (tried both) I used to use SMA very occasionally if I hadn't managed to express and needed to leave him with someone else but when I stopped bf I ended up switching to Aptimal and this was much better, didn't constipate him and smelt much better, still didn't taste great though.

    There is no guarantee either that the formula will help little one to sleep longer either I think from around 4 months I was already giving some baby rice in the day as well as all normal feeds but he still didn't start sleeping longer in the night until about 5 and half months when I just decided to stop night feeds and settle him instead.

    Could you express enough for your partner to give a bottle of ebm in the night every now and then so you could have a bit of extra sleep? Hope she starts to sleep a bit more for you soon anyway x x x
  • hi 30 yeah i just dtarted giving her baby rice and fruit this last week she was waking 5 times a night just for top ups and her growth lasted 2 weeks killed me. i stopped to see if she could poo for two days and she was fine them two nights i did back to 4 times a night again. we got to once a night now so thats back to what she was. i think she just needed a little food she was only 16weeks she 17 on tuesday but as i said she had no prbs digesting it her poo was just little thicker. she was ready i knew it just didnt want me lo growing up to fast hahaha. as for the milks i tried all that before weaning but not a chance even spoon feed it to her, she just spat it out lol. xx
  • My baby had green stools. It's not that the baby is not getting enough milk, but rather not getting enough hindmilk and too much foremilk. You could have a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance, oversupply, etc. Her green stools were really foamy and watery. The LC told me to feed on only one breast for 2 feedings (similar to block feeding) to help. It worked wonders and now my baby has yellow seedy poops! Don't expect immediate results took 10 days for me to finally see an improvement. I kept thinking it wasn't working and my milk was going to dry up or something but the LC said to stay with it and I'm glad I did.

    I'd wait another day to see if the poops stay green before you try block feeding or talk to an LC first.

    I'm not sure the impact antibiotics play in changing bowel colors but maybe call the ped ifyou are worried. :roll:

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  • Jemsmill, you are full of good advice however it often doesn't really relate to the post that you have replied to hmmmm wonder why?
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