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Is there an alternative to breastpads?

Just wondering as I find them so infuriating! They seem to make my nipples itch & the soreness much worse. I loathe having to wear a bra to bed (usually a sleep naked person!) so I know I'm gonna feel some uncomfortableness just due to this but is they any pads that are kinda & more soothing?

I've tried both tommee tipper pads & lanisanoh pads considered washables but wasn't sure how comfy they are & if I'd have time to wash them.


  • I bought the washables from boots and they were great. They are much more comfortable than the sticky disposable ones and spring back into shape so you don't get that wrinkly thing going on. They aren't sticky so you dont get them sticking to your nipples and if they dislodge you can take them out easily and re-adjust them without having to peel them out and unstick them.

    I used to wear a shirt like pyjama top for bed with a muslin stuffed down the front not attractive but functional. I did get some leakage though but i just couldnt wear a bra for bed. Just get one of those neoprine mattress covers incase you do leak onto the bedding.

    Soon you'll stop leaking so much as your breasts start producing the correct amount for your LO.
  • Hi, i also have to boots washable ones and thought they'd be great and much better value for money. However although they are much comfier i find unless they are in exactly the right place they end up moving and i kept leaking out the bottom and they didn't seem very absorbant.

    Another idea for night times is a vest top with a built in support which might be comfier than a bra.

    The boots washable breast pads were fairly cheap though so might be worth giving them a try might be better for you than they have been for me x
  • I was going to say Lilipadz too. I have seen them in boots x
  • For disposables, the Avent ones are soft and don't itch at all x
  • Hi Hun hav u heard of nipple shells? They would b great during the day. They are plastic "cups" that fit over ur nipples and collect any milk that escapes. It's especially good when ur feeding as when ur let down reflex occurs it will collect the milk coming out of the unused breast. This can then be frozen. They also allow ur nipples 2 breathe better as they're not pressed up against the skin. Hav u tried sleep bras? U can get them from mothercare. They're very comfortable and will hold the breast pads in place during the night. Xxx
  • Hey,

    I use the Avent reusables that I got from mothercare. they have lace on the back which holds them in place. I like you had the same problem with disposable ones!


    Emsie x
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