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breast pads ?

just been looking through jojo maman bebe mag and have seen some silicone nursing pads. Has anyone used these or anything similar? It says they are reuseable and breathable i used dissposables with first two and not sure if i should invest thanks in advance hannah xx


  • Oddly enough, I haven't used silicone breast pads but have used a silicone bra when I used to dance. It was amazingly comfortable to wear as felt supported and not so hot and sweaty as in other sports bras. It was also incredibly easy to clean by just wiping with warm soapy water and leaving to air dry for about 30-60mins. Will now have to look into the breast pads.
  • I have never used them either but with both my children have used disposable but some of them are awful. If you buy any I wouldn't recommend Mothercare. They are itchy and uncomfortable. Johnsons are okay but still not great. vent are brilliant, very soft x
  • I considered them but didn't buy them I was worried that if I needed to leak and didn't I might end up with painful blocked ducts. Probably just being a worry wart! I would second the avoidance of mothercare pads though also wilkos own ones really itchy. Best ones I used were the TT ones x
  • Disposable breast pads have their place in life. They are easy to get rid of without the fuss of washing them. However, they can contain plastic backing to prevent leaking that can actually harm your breast or cause a yeast infection. Be sure whatever pad you choose does not contain plastic backing.

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