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Boobs in pregnancy after breastfeeding until BFP

Hi there,

I am 9+1. I BF my son (16 months) until I got my BFP, but we were down to 3-4 a week, only really because he was waking at 5am & it kept him in our bed until 5.30! I stopped BFing once I got my BFP. Since being pg this time there has been no changes in my boobs at all - size, pain, appearance etc... I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this, if it was linked to the BFing and if so why?!

Sorry for so many questions but I remember there being some real BFing experts in here when in was starting out with my DS!


  • Congrats on your bfp. I've just had mine too, and am due early April. I stopped bf about 7 weeks ago, and my boobs haven't yet returned to their pre-pg size. I haven't noticed much difference apart from them being a bit sore. I really hope they won't expand as much as they did last time, as I went up 3 cup sizes. I really don't want to go up another 3!!
  • Hiya ladies...I was wondering if you could offer a little advice....I gave birth on April 9th this year at 38 weeks, unfortunately my beautiful Chloe was still born, so therefore I never breastfed or expressed. After my milk came in it dried up within 2 weeks and as far as I know hasn't leaked since (not that I have noticed). We are trying again and I'm 8dpo now (in the dreaded 2 week wait) but my boobs have begun to leak my question is A-Nonny had your milk dried up in the 7 weeks before your BFP? and has it returned since? It's too early to test yet but I'm wondering whether it is a sign I might be getting a BFP soon (fingers crossed!)
  • Sorry to hear of your loss Sparkles, what a difficult time for you.

    My milk dried up fairly quickly, but I was down to one feed a day so probably didn't have much anyway.

    I didn't notice any leaking etc before my bfp, but then I didn't start leaking until I was about 33 weeks with my dd, and then only a little bit.

    Fingers crossed that you get your bfp soon xxx
  • Sparkles, just wanted to say that I am so sorry about your loss. Really hope you get your positive result very soon xxx
  • Thanks ladies.....I got my BFP leaky boobs were obviously a sign for me xxx
  • Congratulations Sparkles! Hopefully see you over in due in April xx
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