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fussy feeder

Hi ladies,

My 4 week old boy has been a great wee feeder, and no he has started being fussy. He pulls off alot and gets grumpy. He has put on loads of weight up until now and was feeding constantly, my hubby thinks maybe he's not having a wee growth spurt just now and thats why he is being fusser than normal.

Just wonder has anyone experienced this, a good feeder gone bad???

thanks ladies



  • Don't worry, it's just a blib! He may be having a growth spurt, they usually do around 3-4 weeks and sometimes it can take a day or two for your supply to catch up.

    Don't worry, just carry on as normal and make sure you're getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of fluids. He'll sort himself out and settle down.

    You might find there are lots of blips over the next few weeks, but don't worry about it just keep going and they'll all sort themselves out.

    Mrs B xxx
  • DD usually fusses if she windy or wants the other side x
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