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bf as contraception?

just wondered how many of you are trusting bf as contraception? I just figure why fill myself full of hormones that go through my milk when bf is almost as effective as the pill any way. I had unprotected sex last night, lo is 3 months, i havent had a period yet, he's never had anything but breast milk. He has slept through some nights but feeds so often in the day - 1-2 hourly x


  • It worked for me whilst BFing DD1, I had no periods at all until I stopped BFing at 9mths & conceived DD2 3mths later on DD1's 1st Birthday. As we now plan on stopping will be resorting to the coil - good for 5years with the quick option to remove should we change our minds.
  • Bfing isn't effective contraception for every woman and you will OV before you have a period so it is possible to get PG without having had a period first and not know that your fertility has returned.

    When I had DD it worked perfectly and I conceived the month after I stopped feeding when DD was 14 months. However, I wouldn't have minded if I was PG sooner. This time I won't be trusting my body to do the same thing twice because it might not, so I'll be taking extra precautions. A toddler and a baby is enough for now!

    Mrs B xxx
  • My doctor told me i couldn't get pregnant while breastfeeding, but it's not true!!!

    I wouldn't rely on it, especially as i had a c-section so it could be dangerous for me to get preg again too soon.

    I've been prescribed the mini-pill but not taken it yet, as i read on the instructions it contains lactose which i can't have as i have to be dairy free for baby, so i need to see if i can get a different make.

    Not been up to doing it yet anyway! Baby is always in the same room as us so think it'd be a bit weird!

  • hi ladies

    thanks, i have a prescription for mini pill too, hope i dont regret i had sex without taking it. I just read on the biology of breast feeding, the hormones suppress the hormone that makes you ovulate - natures way of giving your bubba the best chance by letting you devote yourself to them. They do say you need to have no more than 4 hours between feeds, at least 6 feeds in the day, and 6 hourly at night for it to be affective (and also obviously you need to not be having periods). I feed ALL THE TIME in the day, admittedly LO has slept through last 3 nights and has been more than 6 hourly some nights before that, so maybe ive been a bit stupid, but it was 1st time we have had sex and cant see us doing it lots - lol - both busy and tired now! I know it only takes once, and theoretically i could have ovulated, but im sure all this frantic bf in day must reduce the chance a lot. Ive been on artificial hormones for years and dont much fancy going back to that. I also hate the idea of leaving something inside like the coil, makes me feel funny :roll:

    If i got pregnant now id be pretty upset as it would all be so intense(!) i also feel henry deserves our time and energy for now, and i want to enjoy him. I personally would love another LO at some point, in my mind im thinking start trying when he's 18 months as it took 5 months last time and would like 3 years or so difference. OH though is still in shock and wont commit to any talk of a 2nd! so another LO right now would be a bit of a disaster, especially as we're in a tiny house and plan to move in the new year, it would really pile on the pressure :roll: x
  • I don't really fancy going back on the pill tbh. Was on it since 15, as i had very heavy irregular periods. When i stopped taking it to start ttc i was like clockwork for the 4 months it took to get preg, every 28 days, and they were lighter and less painful than when i was on the pill! However, don't want a coil yet as don't want a huge gap between babies so it'd be a waste just yet i think.

  • some women do ovulate whilst BF so its not 100% i have had the mireana coil fitted as i dont want to be on the pill of ages and its something now i have it i dont have to think about, last time i went on the pill for 6 months as we wanted a close gap in age x
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