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Electric V Manual breast pumps

Im looking at Breast pumps and am wondering if anyone has any advice on which to get? Are the electric ones worth the extra money compared to a manual?

Thanks x


  • Hey

    I had this dilemma too. I think it's depends on how much you intend to express. I bought a manual one as I thought I would see how that went first before spending ??89 on a electric pump. Not only that you might only breast feed for a little while as not everything always goes according to plan.

    I got the phillips avent manual pump of which was fine for me I most certainly got my moneys worth out of it. I think it also depends how fast your milk supply is mine was quite fast so it only took about 15/20mins to express 4 oz. If it had taken ages I would have gone for a electric pump.

    Hope this helps image

  • Get an electric!!!

    I had a free manual one from Nuby in a giveaway they were running. It does the job, but you end up with hand ache, and that particular one leaks so end up wasting milk.

    I bought the medela mini electric and it is great. I use it for 10 mins on each side every morning. It is noisy but so much easier to use than a manual.

    Hope that helps!

  • persoanlly i cant stand the electric ones, they are loud and for me no more efficent, i did express once a day with a tommee tippee hand pump which was perfectly fine, i tried a tommee tippe electric one and a all singing all dancing calypso one but neither i found better than the hand pump, you still have to hold the electric ones so are by no means hands free, i think if you are experssing for every feed them it may be worth it but for the odd time or once a day i wouldnt bother x
  • Thanks ladies. I might get a manual at 1st and can always get an electric one if I feel I need it xx
  • I use the Avent manual one and I exclusively pump x
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