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storing breast milk

Went to Boots today and bought some breastmilk storage bags to get ready for when I start weaning. But when i got home and read the box it said for fridge use only?? They can be used to keep milk in the fridge for up to five days but not to be used in the freezer as the bags may split! I wanted to build up a supply as i get such little amounts when i express.

What does everyone else use to freeze milk?


  • I've used the boots bags int he freezer - they've been fine so far.
  • i use bags from boots. they are boots own but definately say suitable for freezer. maybe you could take them back and swap them?
  • breast milk freezer bags (i've used tesco own and lansinoh ones. I read on amazon reviews that medela ones split in freezer. I never had a split bag myself)

    I also used the tommee tippee little breast milk pots for small amounts, as they fit 2oz in.
  • I've used all sorts of bags and froze the lot...never had a split one...maybe use them and just take a bit of extra care when defrosting(like put it in a bowl or something? x
  • I use the Boots one and I just put all the bags in their own little tub in the freezer to keep them from getting knocked and then defrost in a bowl in the fridge incase of leakages
  • Tescos own last 3 months in the freezer x
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