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Changing to Nutramigen

Hello Mummy's,


I wonder if anyone can help me as I feel that I am at a loose end at the moment.


My son is 8 weeks old and has just been diagnosed with a Cows Milk Protein Intolerance, after many sleepness nights with chronic stomach ache and constipation.


I originally had him on Aptamil but was told to change formula's since it wasnt working for him. 

I have tried Nutramigen, Aptamil Pepti and SMA comfort but the only one that seems to suit him is Nutramigen. The only problem that I am having is that he will not drink it AT ALL!!! 

We have heard that you can add a drop of vanilla essence to hide the taste, but, have not yet tried as we have been unable to find an essence that does not contain alcohol so do not want to use.

I dont know what else I can do? Will he eventually take this milk, if so , how long should I persist?  If not does anyone else have any other suggestions or tips?

I would really appreciate your comments?

Hayley F2


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