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Is It Wind, Reflux or Normal?

My 18 day old daughter appears to have an issue bringing up wind. So far she doesn't appear to be a cry-ey baby but past two days, she's been clearly uncomfortable: arching her back, bringing up knees to belly, wincing while asleep, randomly crying out in a short scream before stopping, rooting, sucking hard on fingers/dummy. The screaming out is heartbreaking. I wind her for like 5-10 mins and she'll burp, other times I can do it for 20 min and no burp. She gets hiccups regular and vomits every time I lay her down for a nappy change after feed. Vomit is pure milk, totally undigested meaning it's coming straight back up. I sit her up for 10 min at least after feed - what am I doing wrong? I gave her 2oz of cooled kettle water which seemed to help. Any tips to what I'm doing wrong? Or what's up with my LO? Does she have reflux? Normal wind? Am I feeding her too much (3-4 0z every hour & half)? Colic? Please help


  • Sorry I meant feeds every 2 and half hours not one!!
  • Id take her docs and ask for something to help her bring up wind, I used infacol but have heard colief is good too x

  • I can mirror this problem. The wind pain seems worse at night, my 4 week old brings back a little milk when we lay him down, or gets the hiccups. Been using infacol before each feed and does seem to help but still not great. Also been using dr browns bottles as they are best for colic (so ive been told). Sometimes like you i can be winding for ages and nothing. Going to persevere with the infacol as apparently it needs to be in the system for a while before it works. If no joy will try colief. Ive heard gripe water is good but cant be used until three months. Each feed we do takes over an hour and is every two and a half hours too. X

  • Hi rose thanks for reply

    I bought the infacol on the premise it neutralises bubbles immediately (as the YouTube demo from infacol indicates).

    But when the HV came she told me it takes a week to work?! At ??4 a pop with it lasting only a few days, it's as bad as nappies and milk expenses. Plus I'm sure she vomits more now. What did ur lo do?

    Coleif I'm sure is ??12?! Gosh these babies should no now much we love them lol.

    Do any of you guys give warm water for belly ache? Do these massage or moving legs in bicycle motion actually work?
  • I know, another expense! Had no idea colief cost as much as that. My husband has been giving belly rubs when lo cries as well as bicycle legs. Trying everything. A friend is qualified in baby massage and said she would give me some info on how its done. Its heartbreaking when you try everything and they still seem in pain. I havent tried a bath but may give it a go. Is your lo pooing regularly? I do find he gets relief when he goes, making more room i guess. Such a guessing game, especially in the early days!x

  • U should try and get it on prescription, my friend uses colief for her little one and gets it free from the doctors. I always found infacol worked really well I knew it was working when her burps smelt of orange lol x

  • Smells like calpol! 

  • It really does lol. Hope u n lil man r ok x

  • We r good, hope you are too! X

  • Fed up mate find out if she's still breech this week fx she's flipped over. I'm so ready for her now the school run is killing me off lol x

  • I've just moved house and not registered with GP yet image

    She used to poo once a day. Now it's once every second day.

    Now tho her poo has turned from that mustard seedy mush to looking like adult logs but minty green
  • get registered as soon as poss Hun u shouldn't have to pay for stuff if she has a medical need for it. Baby massage techniques are good too x

  • I did hear the disadvantage with colief was it needs to be put into a bottle 20 mins prior to a feed which would prove difficult for us as lo one wakes and cries for a feed at different times, couldnt plan when to prepare the bottle for him at the moment. X

  • Yeah my friend said that but she said health visitor told her it can stay in the bottle for 12 hours so if u make them in advance u might b ok x

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