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Tongue Tie


I recently had a lactation consultant come by as I was having breastfeeding is

issues. With that she mentioned that my baby had tongue tie.  We are scheduled to have a procedure to have this fixed next week, he will be over 3 weeks old.

However finding this out has left me devastated.  Any moms out there who have any experience with this? did u have the procedure completed on your child?  did you run into any feeding speech issues down the line? 



Worried Mommy


  • Hi. Both my boys had a tongue tie and both had it released. My eldest was about three weeks old when it was done. It was really quick and simple. Just a quick snip and then done. I then fed right away and feeding was a million times easier and better. My youngest had his released when he was under 24 hours old. I can't say I wasn't nervous either time and while it was being done the boys did scream but after a feed they were totally fine. Xx
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