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what teats to use?

my friend has a 3 week old baby who was on Cow & Gate stage 1 mile with newborn teats, he keeps getting constipated and falls asleep during every feed.she changed him to C&G Comfort yesterday but he is still falling asleep during every feed and not drinking much, should she change the teats, if so what to??





  • I use 0+ months variflow teats so she can control the flow herself. She's been on them since about 6 weeks and has been fine on them x

  • thank you I will let her know and she can get them today


  • Can the teats cause constipation then? My little girl is a week old today and at times she drinks faar to fast and ends up coughing. My boyfriends mum reckons shes a bit constipated as well as she pulls a face and then trumps. I always make sure i also wind her in between her feed and nothings changed x
  • Is she doing really hard poos that are painful for her to pass? I always thought caitlin was constipated if she didn't go for a few days but apparently that's normal n not classed as constipation unless the poos are like hard pellets. Bit of water (like a few sips) between feeds always gets things moving x

  • I was going to ask actually about the water if she could have a bit but i forgot last time midwife came over. Ive got one coming tomorrow though to check my stitiches.

    No her poos not hard its like it should be at this stage. Like a curry sort paste with seedy looking things x
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