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am I feeding her enough

hi My little Girl is 11 weeks 12 weeks on Monday. She was born at 41weeks weighing 8lb 10oz. She has put weight on regularly and is just above average on health visitors growing charts but nothing to worry about. The past 3 weeks she has been taking 9oz bottles every 5-6 hours and sleeping almost 12 hours at night . That makes it 3 bottles a day which is 27oz she doesn't always drink a full 9oz but sometimes drinks them dry. I am giving her enough or to much? She's a very happy bany and hardly winging until it comes to her bottle time. I'm a new mum and only 23 just seeking advice please xxx


  • Hi Megs,
    The general rule of thumb is you want to get your baby into the 7/11/3 routine at first - that's 7am feed, 11am feed, 3pm feed, then 7pm, 11pm, and poss 3am but dropping that one soon enough. (these are not fixed time, for instance you could feed at 2.30pm)

    To me, it simply seems like your baby has got herself into a brilliant routine, making things easier for you.

    What I would ask is this - is your baby happy and contented?
    Her weight gain is normal? She has lots of wet and poopy nappies?
    You might also want to run this by your health visitor, but remember, not every baby is 'by the book' and if she's happy and you're getting on well, I'd say go with the flow.
    Also, have a look at the side of your formula box which gives you a rough guideline of how much your baby should be drinking per day.
    But by the sounds of things you and your baby are going great, so try not to stress too much. Good luck!

  • Thank you for the reply always puts you at ease she's is a very happy and content baby my family are shocked at how much of a easy baby she is. I will run it by my health visitor though thank you again x

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