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Would you breastfeed another woman's baby? Or donate your milk on a milksharing site?


We're been fascinated by the reaction to our news story about this US mum who posted a pic (below) on Facebook showing her breastfeeding her friend's son as well as her own.

When we posted the story on our Facebook page, it got loads of comments – with some people horrified at the idea of breastfeeding another person's baby and others all in favour.

So we thought we'd ask you lot, too!

How do you feel about breastfeeding a baby that isn't your own? Would you do it or not – and why?

And how do you feel about the milksharing sites that are suddenly becoming so popular? Would you donate your milk to a stranger whose baby needed it? Do you think the idea of a milksharing site is a good one – or not?

Please do share your views with us. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this one!


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  • Ok so I think that if you're finished breast feeding or just want to sell your milk - if people are willing to buy it - go for it! I see no harm in that.

    As far as breast-feeding another mothers' child goes... I see where a few problems could come into play. For one, the child may think that sense one woman who isn't his mother can breast-feed them then any woman can and I could see how a child running up to just any woman trying to get milk from her. and sense you're suppose to switch breast every 20 minutes or so I'd say that could become unsanitary. I for sure would not actually breast feed another persons child.  

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